Friday, January 1, 2016



I surrender 2016 to you. I surrender this year for you, and your glory. I will trust you. You know everything that I need in this new year. Awaken my heart deeper into your word, your voice, your mind, and your heart. I pray that each day I would wake up with a fresh level of peace and a fresh measure of faith. I know that you do all things that work together for good. Help me to cling to your truth forever. Help me to strive for faithfulness, and help me to see grace in my growth. Bless the work of my hands that I may bless others. Help me to see and love people for who they are in your kingdom. Thank you for who you are and who I am in you. Thank you that I can to partner with you and do great things this year! Thank you for your love! And thank you for another year that I can say yes to love and no to fear!