Thursday, April 9, 2015

A re-attachable heart

I've had so many friends detach themselves from me after I've become so attached to them that after time I learned to become detachable. So when I would make a new friend and they became attached to me I got nervous because even though I got super attached to them I made myself detachable. They could come and go freely with little pieces of my heart and my life and I just got used to it because I couldn't figure out how to reattach the pieces I've lost from the people who detached themselves. But I learned to let the Lord come and put new pieces in, because all this time He’s already been attached to me. He was attached to me first before I could even attach myself to Him. I feel the broken pieces everywhere from people who've come and taken from me without any remorse, and Jesus just goes “Oh, I think you lost this but I've got it for you”. Then He places from His heart what I've lost back into my heart and I become attachable again. Because I’m attached to Him. And the crazy this is that He’ll never detach himself from me because he’s what makes me attachable in the first place. So when new friends come and I get really attached to them I know that no matter the outcome, Jesus has my heart attached to His. He’ll guard that heart with everything He’s got. And He’s got a lot. He loves my attachable, sometimes detachable, and always re-attachable heart. I don’t have to anything to earn that. I don’t even have attach myself to Him and He’ll still be attached to me no matter what. But oh, what joy it is to be so attached to His heart. Now I don’t have to be nervous about losing any more of my heart to others because I have His heart attached to mine and I can give it to new friends, old friends, anyone, attachable or not.

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